Saturday 24 September 2011

Getting Lucky at the Lucky Chip

Everywhere I go there seems to be a new must-visit burger van or restaurant - from Honest Burger in Brixton Village to the Meat Wagon, burgers are trending in London.  I have been hearing a lot about the Lucky Chip of late and meant to go up last night to their joint party with a pop up version of the Off Broadway bar at the Netil market but got sidetracked by my Vietnamese feast at The Green Papaya. 

With the Fashionista and I determined not to go to Banh Mi 11 for once at Broadway Market we were on the search for something new - she was almost distracted by some delicious looking risotto balls in the extension to Broadway Market that has been set up in the school yard at the London Fields end - but I was single mindedly heading to the Lucky Chip at Netil Market - just round the corner from Broadway Market proper.

Apparently they had been hit pretty hard by the party the night before and were therefore running low on supplies so a couple of the interesting toppings for the fries were already finished - they still had more than enough to entice us. I went for the el chapo burger- 35 day aged "Ginger Pig" beef, roasted jalapenos, aioli and blue cheese- great burger, bit sloppy, and the cheese took away from the taste of the beef a little but nonetheless was still pretty darn good.

The Fashioinista went for a naked dog- an organic pork hot dog served in a toasted hot dog bun with mustard and tommy K- this was even better than the burger- really really tasty! 

A Naked Dog.
The fries were great- we had them plain but they were offering free truffle oil with them which smelled delicious- next time!

On the evidence so far I will no doubt return to the Lucky Chip again and again- it really is great- although, and this is perhaps splitting straws, it may just fall into third place behind my personal favourite, Honest Burger, and the legend that is the Meat Wagon.

UPDATE, JANUARY 2012: Lucky Chip has just had a week long residency at the Sebright Arms, a pub literally 25 metres from my bedroom window, so I decided to head on over to see if standards were being maintained.  Sure enough they were!!!

We had the chicken wings with chipotle and lime dip to start - crisp but juicy chicken which worked tremendously with the smokey citrus of the dip - spot on!

I then had the Kelly LeBrock burger - served very rare with caramelized onions, philadelphia, applewood smoked bacon, chedar and aioli - very, very sloppy but delicious.  The Fashionista had wanted another hot dog, but unfortunately they had run out.  No matter they gave her a free upgrade to a straight up cheese burger - simple, awesome!

On this evidence, Lucky Chip has now overtaken MeatLiquor to move into number two of my reasonably priced burger spots in London.  Honest Burgers is still just ahead though!

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