Friday 27 January 2012

Eat Street at Kings Cross: The Rib Man

It being my birthday I decided to do something I had been meaning to do for a while - make an ambitious attempt to get from Moorgate to Kings Cross, eat a mean rib roll from The Rib Man (aka Mark Gevaux), and back again - all in one hour flat.  I succeeded and my was it worth it.

Eat Street at Kings Cross is a really exciting development.  They are a collective of street traders, all tried and tested by the people at Eat Street and showcasing some of the best street food you can find anywhere in the capital.  The stalls vary from day to day and include some of my favourites in London, such as Banh Mi 11 who, in my opinion, serve far and away the best Pho and Vietnamese baguettes in London.

But on this visit it wasn't Vietnamese I was after, I was going to go get myself some ribs.  The Rib Man, originally only resident at Brick Lane on a Sunday, now pops up at Eat Street from time to time.  The babyback ribs from pigs which are outdoor reared on Norfolk and Suffolk farms, cooked slowly from midnight each night for twelve hours (if you follow him on twitter, the Rib Man gives blow by blow updates on his prep).  Taken off the bone, shredded and served in either a roll or wrap, this is what ribs are all about.

To go with the ribs Mark Gevaux makes an incredible chili sauce (made with scotch bonnet peppers and naga jolokia- formerly thought to be the world's hottest chili) which is fast gaining a cult following.  Christened by his regulars "Holy Fuck Sauce", this stuff is incredibly hot but also has a wonderful depth of flavour.  Also served by Big Apple Hot Dogs - you have to try this stuff, it is awesome! 

If you can make it one lunchtime, you should definitely get yourself along to Eat Street, even if the Rib Man is not there, there will still be plenty of other tasty treats on offer! 

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