Monday 27 August 2012

Pitt Cue Co: at last the wait is over

The London restaurant scene is full of hype.  Sometimes its well-placed (Honest Burger, Upstairs at the Ten Bells spring to mind), other times less so (Ceviche being the perfect example).  But no restaurant has received as many glowing reviews in the past year as Pitt Cue Co.  The darling of bloggers, newspaper critics and anything and everything in between.  But could it live up to its billing? 

It certainly kept me in suspense.  Before today I had tried three times since it opened, but have been faced by a two-hour wait each time.  Such are the options nearby that I have never managed to wait it out.  So with a free bank holiday upon me and the Fasionista out of town, I decided to head along to try it out solo.  Slipping into a single seat by the window, I had arrived.

How I wished others were with me so we could have ordered the full menu.  However without them I restricted myself to some pulled pork, green chili slaw and the "hot rib tips".

The pork was melt-in-the-mouth, topped with sweet, rich, BBQ sauce.  It came with some sourdough (a little dry but okay with the sauce) and pickles - one cabage and apple, the other gherkins. The slaw was delicious - a nice bit of heat and topped with puffed rice - it had slight undertones of an Asian salad. 

The rib tips fell off the bone and were coated in sweet chili sauce.  The meat had a nice flavour but was slightly overpowered by the sauce.  Better than I've had elsewhere, but not a scratch on the pulled pork and slaw.

So was it worth the wait? Was the hype hyperbole? Was I left disappointed?  Certainly not. For once, there was no exageration - Pitt Cue Co's reputation has been hard-earned.  It is without doubt the best place for BBQ in London.  
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