Sunday 30 September 2012

Green Goat: some mighty tasty fish

Street food has been buzzing in London for years now - from Eat Street to Whitecross Street, Broadway to Borough, Brockley Market to Brick Lane - traders such as The Rib Man and Big Apple Hot Dogs have obtained near legendary status.  Cue five minute segment on prime-time BBC series with standard celebrity chef on street food in the Capital.

In fairness to Lorraine Pascale, other than for The Rib Man, she (or should I say her team of researchers) has not gone for the obvious choices.  And so she ended up at the Green Goat on Whitecross Street -  the daily strip of street traders that satisfies the crowds of suits billowing out from the City.  Now I am a regular here (my office is round the corner), but never had I made it past the delights of Luardos (excellent burritos), Hoxton Beach (best falafel in London - freshly cooked), and Wild Game Co. (simply incredible venison steak roll).

So when LP started banging on about this van at the top of Whitecross Street serving up the freshest fish in London (shipped up overnight from the small Cornish fishing fleet), cooked by two chefs - one ex-Caprice, the other formerly of Petersham Nurseries and Club Gascon - I really was taken aback.  How long had this been going on?  Why had I not eaten there?

I've been a few times now - I had the mussels the first time in a fresh mariniere sauce (with pancetta), hard to eat as street food but tasty nonetheless.  Th second time I had the sardine burger - super fresh, it went down a treat.

While both were good, I just didn't get round to writing about them.  This week though I had their whiting with a slow cooked chorizo and bean stew.  It was, in their words, a "bangin' eat".  If this was being served  at a "proper" sit-down restaurant, the Jay Rayners and AA Gills of this world would be beside themselves with joy.

Needless to say, I now need to try their signature chorizo and mackerel burger pronto.  Bringing sustainable, fresh, delicious fish to the masses at incredibly reasonable prices -  these guys deserve a standing ovation.

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