Sunday 21 August 2011

An Honest Burger

If you haven't been down to Brixton Village recently- or as is more likely the case given Brixton's (undeserved) rep, ever- you really should give it a go. I was at the re-launch of Brixton Village a couple of years ago, more by chance than design after stumbling upon it while wandering around Brixton Market proper, and what was then a couple of start up restaurants and lots of empty units has really blossomed into a great little hub of foodie activity with numerous restaurants and a real buzz.

The Fashionista and I popped along last night to try a little Thai place called Kao Sarn- unfortunately though they were fully booked so that one will have to wait until another time. We wandered around for a while and then decided to settle on "Honest Burgers" which serves a simple menu of Chicken burgers, various 35 day aged beef burgers or a vegetable fritter. With such a short menu they really are pinning a lot on the burgers being up to scratch- and they are!

Most of the burger hype in the last few years has been surrounding the phenomenon that is #MeatEasy. We went when it was in New Cross Gate (now of Peckham Rye) and had to queue for about an hour when we got there and wait at least another forty-five for our food. When it arrived it was great-so good in fact that I didn't ever think I would find a better burger in London- Honest Burgers, however, manages to top it on every level! The buns are lighter, the meat tastier and the toppings more generous!

And these burgers really are that good. I went for the honest burger- a delicious bun filled with a large chunk of tasty burger meat cooked very rare (I like it this way but it may have been too rare for some), smoked bacon, cheese, relish, and gherkins- my oh my this was burger perfection. With the burger were served triple cooked chips with rosmary salt- all for 8 quid.  An absolute steal for food this good...

The Fashionista had the vegetable fritter- made from (according to the menu board) cauliflower, sweetcorn, shallots, spices and coriander with a mint yoghurt again served in a bun with tripple cooked chips- having seen my burger, the Fashionista thought she may have made an error going veggie for an evening but the fritter was really good- it was good to know there was such a tasty alternative if I ever (although I doubt I ever will) decided to stray from the beef burgers.

Everyone should give this place a try- I doubt you will find a better burger anywhere in the London!

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  1. its really goood that there is so many good food places in brixton! i recently went to franco mancha.... and later the same day.. honest burgers, both blew me away, and also Veranda (the new place on acre lane), and Negril, is worth a try!

  2. Thanks Peyton- will give them both a try! The Columbian place on the corner (name escapes me) next to Kao Sarn is also absolutely brilliant- give it a try. D.


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