Wednesday 17 August 2011

The Wild Game Company- Whitecross Street Market

I have noticed the Wild Game Company stall at Broadway market a number of times but have never quite got round to buying anything- after my tasty lunch today though at their stall in Whitecross Street Market I definitely will.

Whitecross Street Market is a mish-mash of food stalls running from Monday to Friday selling everything from (really very good) burritos through average looking curries and Chinese to paninis and hog roasts.  There really is a mixture of everything- and if you're not hungry there is even a stall selling batteries and another one selling all manner of household tools (what's not to like!).

As the Fashionista had a day off today, we decided to meet at the market as its only a few minutes walk from where I work. Having wandered up and down I noticed the Wild Game Company stall.  They had lots of tasty things on offer from wild venison fillet sandwiches to venison burgers. The thing that caught my eye, though, was a pigeon and chorizo roll- I am a big fan of pigeon which is, apart from being absolutely delicious, apparently very "healthy".

The roll was delicious- two pigeon breasts cooked nice and rare, a couple of slices of chorizo, some rocket, balsamic reduction with what I think was a little chili jam (although I couldn't swear on it).  The only thing I would maybe change is swapping the pre-sliced chorizo for some cooking chorizo (a la Brindisa's amazing chorizo, char grilled pepper and rocket rolls at Borough market) which would take it from being good to absolutely superb.  At £6 it was on the more expensive side of things at the market but you get what you pay for as the Fashionista discovered to her cost with a rather lacklustre pad thai at £4.50.

If you're nearby one day I would really recommend giving Whitecross Market, and especially the Wild Game Company, a try- I now know where I will be going at Broadway Market this Saturday to source some genuinely good game.

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