Friday 30 December 2011

The Cambridge Bar: Big Big Juicy Burgers

Back up in Edinburgh for Christmas, I met up with one of my mates for a lunch on the Friday before Christmas.  With a half day in the bag a hearty lunch and a few beers were on the cards.  Cambridge Bar came the cry from the Strakattack and we had a plan.

The Cambridge Bar, along the road from the Oxford Bar, a regular in Ian Rankin's Rebus novels, is a small pub on Young Street in Edinburgh's New Town.  The menu is simple - burgers and some more burgers - however unlike many of the new fangled burger places, the Cambridge Bar does burgers "old school" - big burgers, even bigger toppings! Now that is not always good, sometimes a more refined burger would be my preference, but facing an afternoon of beers these seemed perfect.

I went for a bacon cheese burger - the burger was rare and delicious, the toppings good if not great.

The Strakattack went for the Mexican - looked pretty tasty with lashings of chili and jalapenos.

Along with the burger we shared some nachos rather than getting chips to share - they were okay but the cheese wasn't melted in a few places and all in all they could have been a bit better.

If you're in Edinburgh and fancy a quick burger, the Cambridge would be top of my list! 
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