Monday 12 December 2011

Lupita: A Step Up From Wahaca

I was out with the Weegie on Friday night and we needed a quick bite to eat before heading on for a night of beers and whisky.  Nothing fancy, something to line the stomach.  We were meeting people at Trafalgar Square and settled on Lupita when we were walking up from Embankment tube.

I had noticed Lupita a couple of times so was happy to give it a shot.  We were seated downstairs, next to the bar after having asked not to sit at the bottom of the stairs.

With a modelo negra in hand (the Wegie went for a Margherita, typical!), we had a look through the menu. There are some staples - tacos, quesadillas etc - but also some more interesting things.

We started by sharing a ceviche and some chorizo.  The ceviche was absolutely delicious, tangy lime, avocado and fresh fish.  The chorizo was less impressive - it did not have that wonderful smoked paprika taste that you expect from chorizo and all in all was a little disappointing.

The ceviche.
For main I went for the Costras - Arrachera steak (flank steak that is normally quite tough but wasn't in this case), flour tortillas and "crispy cheese" - when drizzled with a couple of the accompanying salsas this was actually pretty good.

The Costras
The Weegie had the Alambre - corn tortillas with Chile Poblano, onion, bacon and steak.  He seemed pretty happy with this although it did look a little plain.

If you are looking for sophisticated then Lupita is not the place for you.  But if you are looking for a quick bite of Mexican you could do a lot worse than steering clear of the distinctly average Wahaca and heading to Lupita instead. 
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