Sunday 22 April 2012

Hawksmoor: the breakfast of champions

Hawksmoor, the self-proclaimed "home of the best steak in London", has been near the top of my to do list for some time.  And it still is. Well at least for steaks.  Because, rather than heading along for an evening of oversized steaks and red wine, I decided to head along for breakfast. 

What is this?  Meeting people for breakfast? While it is common in places where the sun doth shine (Australia springs to mind) to meet friends for a bite to eat before starting the day, us Brits normally savour our friends' company in the dark hours! Preferably with a sizable helping of booze. I am no different.  But I have been forced to change my ways (at least partially) to keep up with G-Star, who now has a one year old baby. 

Normally we head along to Beppe's Cafe. An "old-skool" cafe at Smithfields market.  They serve a mean coffee and bacon roll. But seeing as it was G-Star's 30th we decided to go for something a little special.  And so it was that G-Star, the Ginger Weegie, DivC and I gathered at 730 on an April morning for some treats at Hawksmoor. 

Surprisingly we ended up ordering very little in the way of meat. We flirted with the idea of their signature breakfast - at seventeen fifty a head I think there is no doubt you would have got your protein fix for the day.  However, eating such a hearty meal so early in the day would no doubt have put us all to sleep.

So I went for the HK Muffin.  Hawksmoor's take on a McMuffin, that classic from the Golden Arches.  The sausage meat was flat disc which had been griddled to perfection.  Quite possibly the best sausage I have ever tasted! The egg, yolk runny, was nice, the muffin light.  Needless to say Hawksmoor have nothing to fear from McDonalds. 

GStar had the kippers with perfectly cooked poached eggs.  He was pretty happy with this.

The GW had smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.  Again, all done to perfection. DivC went for Granola and unlimited toast.  Not my choice, and the granola did seem a little boring, but he seemed happy enough with his lot.

If you can drag yourself out of bed of a morn, get a couple of mates together and head along to Hawksmoor.  Even if its just for that HkMuffin.

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