Sunday 22 April 2012

Laxeiro: a great find for a spot of brunch

LJC was down the other weekend from Scotland and we had to find somewhere nearby for brunch. I had been to Market Cafe and L'eau a la Bouche a lot recently (both very good)  and had been disappointed by Campania and the offering at Hurwundeki. I was starting to think I was out of options nearby. Then I remembered Laxeiro - a small Spanish eatery nestled next to Campania on Columbia Road.

We were there for brunch.  There isn't much in the way of choice - a Spanish breakfast of chorizo, toast and fried eggs, or small selection of ciabattas.  I was convinced that the Spanish breakfast would be a mistake so went for a salami ciabatta - the others were less cautious.  Hands up, I was wrong.  While the ciabatta was simple and nice and on any other day would have been perfectly fine, the breakfast was outstanding.  Simple fried eggs with rich, runny yolks, matched perfectly with the powerful, smokey chorizo.  Plain white toast (sometimes its just what is needed) to dunk in a mixture of paprika oil leaking from the sausage combined with silky yolks.  Heavenly.

I have not been to Laxeiro for dinner but the menu looked good and the reviews are strong.  What Spanish cooking should be about.  Simple dishes, strong ingredients, bold flavours.  I would recommend Laxeiro's take on sausage, eggs and toast. Give the pretentious Campania a miss and settle down to a hearty breakfast at Laxeiro instead.
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